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Anthony Bertini

Anthony Bertini

Board Member & Investment Advisor

Anthony is an experienced executive team member with a specialisation in merger and acquisition and business enablement.

He serves as founder and director of a number of investment organisations and has excelled in senior government innovation roles, including Australian/ NZ leader of the Global Entrepreneur Programme for the United Kingdom Department of Trade and Investment.

Anthony has founded and worked extensively in senior technology management roles, for Hyro, Web Wide Media and BMC Media Holdings. Founder and Chairman of (OTH)Organic Technology Holdings). Also currently a Non-Executive Director of The Copyright Agency.

He has a keen eye for unlikely successes and is able to nurture specialists to understand the value of planning, delivery and commercial outcomes.

Wavefront key milestones

  • Foundational member of the Wavefront team
  • First investor in Wavefront
  • Leads the direction for investment, partnerships and capital raising
  • Key mentor for the team, founders and engineers to consider the human and commercial aspects of their work
  • Responsible for engaging with thought leaders and big thinkers to encourage innovation
  • Contributor to Wavefront IP development process