Lindsay Stringer
Lindsay Stringer

I would like to formally introduce you to Wavefront Biometric Technologies Pty Ltd (WBT)

We are an Australian based Biometrics Research & Development company specialising in the use of the eye as a biometric identifier for personal identification.

WBT portfolio consists of a number of Patents & Patents Pending globally; focusing on the use of the Cornea, Iris & Iris Hue to form a strong and robust single sensor multimodal biometric for high end personal identification.

WBT are currently searching for partners & investors to assist in developing this unique Australian based biometric to become a global force in the biometric market which is predicted to reach US$59Billion by 2025.

In partnership with our major shareholder we are offering up a portion of the company to raise sufficient capital to enable continued development of WBT's intellectual property & relist on the ASX.

If you're interested in finding out more about Wavefront Biometrics Technologies & would like to receive further details around the investment opportunity with WBT, please dont hesitate to make contact.