How it works

Wavefront solves the problem

of uniquely identifying a person securely in a way that is very hard to fool. Wavefront works specifically to incorporate liveness​ and captures multi-modal biometric information in one pass. All this in close to real time. Simply, quickly, with low user effort.

Verifying identity with Wavefront


9000 data points projected onto the cornea generate a unique topographical map.


Multiple images provide other biometric markers including but not limited to: Iris feature recognition using colour plane analysis, Iris Hue Angle, Limbal Shape of corneal margin, etc.


Captured data is processed and key biometric markers are extracted and algorithmically processed.


Processed data is then used to create the unique biometric key range for each user.


Identity is verified swiftly repeating steps 1-4.


The biometric database is indexed to provide rapid comparison of matches within the user biometric ranges.


The outcome is then a match (or rejection) based on variability and liveness for individual identification.