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Senior Management & Board Members

Shanny Dyer

Shanny Dyer

Chairperson & Managing Director

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Shanny is a leader and entrepreneur who has extensive experience in building businesses linking industry, government and universities. Well respected in both Federal and State government and seen as a corporate innovator.

  • Foundational member & investor in Wavefront
  • Leads engagement for investment activities
  • Provides a clear commercial focus for applying Wavefront’s technologies to solve real-world problems
  • Responsible for engagement with Government policy makers, regulatory authorities & grant providers
  • Manages overall direction of Wavefront IP roadmap & finalisation of all IP recognition
Anthony Bertini

Anthony Bertini

Board Member & Investment Advisor

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Anthony is an experienced executive team member with a specialisation in merger and acquisition and business enablement.

  • Foundational member of the Wavefront team
  • First investor in Wavefront
  • Leads the direction for investment, partnerships and capital raising
  • Key mentor for the team, founders and engineers to consider the human and commercial aspects of their work
  • Responsible for engaging with thought leaders and big thinkers to encourage innovation
  • Contributor to Wavefront IP development process
Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason

Founder & Inventor

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Stephen is a second generation Optometrist who has been deeply involved in the science, medical developments, innovations and patient care related to the Human eye for as long as he can remember. He specialises in Ocular Surface disease and its therapy.

  • Stephen’s insights into the uniqueness of the human eye cornea were the foundation for Wavefront
  • Worked tirelessly to accumulate statistically significant data to prove the uniqueness of Corneal biometric identifiers
  • Engaged the key software engineers to capture, compare and measure biometric identifiers and prove uniqueness
  • Founded the network of global eye experts that grew into the Wavefront research team
  • Foundational contributor to Wavefront IP development, management and completion of Patents
  • Major contributor to new Patent and IP submissions reflecting ongoing development and discoveries
Shimon Modi

Shimon Modi

Biometric Innovation

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Shimon is a Cyber security visionary with a proven record of defining security strategy for Fortune 500 clients. This needs a highly commercial focus to balance risk against commercial goals and imperatives.

  • Provides guidance on the application of Wavefront technologies
  • Engaged as an independent contractor
  • Peer and mentor for research and development team
  • Qualifies and tests value of IP proposals and applicability
  • Engages with key customer segments and potential markets to provide commercial direction
Ed Sarver

Ed Sarver

Development Team Leader

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Ed’s history in electrical engineering has been the foundation for a recognised career in innovation around the eye.

  • Lead for development and ongoing miniaturisation of Wavefront biometric identification devices
  • Manages development, applied research and engineering team
  • Validates ongoing results, quality control and biometric accuracy of devices
  • Ongoing engagement and trusted partner to the Chief Scientific Officer to provide robust feedback on ongoing development

Team Structure

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