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Wavefront Biometric Technology

The future of ID

The shape of the cornea is unique to everyone

Wavefront is pioneering the next frontier in personal identity

Leveraging the unique attributes of the cornea to strengthen traditional iris based biometrics

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Our Story

Wavefront Biometric Technology is an Australian Research and Development company holding a portfolio of patents specifically around corneal based biometric solutions.

Wavefronts patented solution complements current IRIS technology and aims to deliver a more accurate bimodal approach for high security applications.

Technology and personal security is fast evolving and Wavefront’s solution aims to provide global tech companies with a revolutionary solution to progress human biometrics into the future.

Wavefront. The Future of ID.

Wavefront's global patent coverage

Wavefront’s solution is currently protected by 16 international patents, predominantly focused on the cornea as a Biometric, but also includes the use of the iris in the Biometric.

To discover Wavefront Biometric’s full IP summary click below.

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Wavefront's patented solution delivers

Wavefront’s IP captures multiple biometric traits of the eye in one single process. This is a unique and ground breaking technology compared to other multimodal biometric systems which require multiple hardware devices overlayed to create their multimodal identification system.

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Wavefront is pioneering the next frontier in personal identity, leveraging the unique attributes of the Cornea to strengthen traditional Iris platforms.

Major Investors

40% ownership by Nemex Resources Ltd (ASX: NXR)